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Singaporean Artist

Born in 1953, Singapore.

In 1973, he graduated from Lincoln College in New Zealand with an honorary degree in Horticultural Science.


In 1980, he was recommended to the Australian National University by the Singapore government and received the Master of Forestry the following year.


Mr. Choo Thiam Siew, begin his calligraphy hobby in primary 4, by self-learning and practicing the various different script. Later in life, he managed to study under calligraphy master Zeng Shouyin. Under his fine guidance, Mr. Choo had a better picture of the different techniques In writing calligraphy.

Spending about 5 years practicing script by "Mifu", "Wang Duo", "Shen Yimo". After a long journey, he managed to grasp a better understanding of the way of calligraphy.


Mr. Choo also held the member and director positions in quite a number of art-related organizations.

2001 - He published his first Chinese Poetry Book "Sa Luo Ren Jian Jin Fen Zhuang".

2021- Participated in the "2021 Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition" & "2021 Chinese Calligraphy Virtual Exhibition" held by Pin Xuan Ge Art Gallery.

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