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Singaporean Artist

Born in Singapore in 1949, ​


Ancestor came from Guangdong Chao' an.


Permanent Member of Shicheng Calligraphy & Seal-Carving Society.


Honorary President of  Pipa Society Singapore.


1998-2020 Participated in the Ngee Ann National Teochew Artists' Exhibition.


Participated in the annual exhibition of the Shicheng Calligraphy & Seal-Carving Society since 2004.


2004 Participated in Tuan Mong Alumni Calligraphy Exhibition.


2008 Participated in Chaozhou Shantou Exhibition.


2012-2020 Participated in the International Calligraphy Art and Culture Exhibition.


2016 Won the Excellence Award in the Calligraphy Group of the Dr. Tan Tsze Chor Art Award Competition.


2021- Participated in the "2021 Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition" & "2021 Chinese Calligraphy Virtual Exhibition" held by Pin Xuan Ge Art Gallery.


Been practicing actively in calligraphy during his school days, then in 2004, study under Master Chang Kwang Wee. Focused on "Xing Shu" then later move on and practice "Chao Shu".

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