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Singaporean Artist

Since young, Ang Nee has a love for music and Chinese arts. After she obtained her piano performance certificate (LRSM), she ventured to Japan and the Philippines to learn and mastered the electronic organ. She took up teaching in Yamaha Music School upon her return to Singapore. In later years, she cultivated an interest in the cello and was a cellist member in Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra (BHSO).


Besides music, Ang Nee’s other passion is Chinese Painting. Under the guidance of renowned artists, Mr. James Tan and Mr. Lim Kay Hiong for many years, they have encouraged her to participate in various Singapore Annual Art Exhibitions.


In 1994, she participated in Mr. James Tan’s student Exhibition.

In 2009, she participated in Mr. Lim Kay Hiong’s student Exhibition. In 2011, she participated in 13th National Teochew Artist Exhibition.

In 2017, she also participated in the 82th Society of Chinese Artist Exhibition.

In 2019, she had her first solo art Exhibition <The Harmony of Inks>​


Currently she is a life member of the Society of Chinese Artists.

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